Family Photo Session in Huay Yang

Another fun shoot with another fun family! This time we went on the location shoot in Huay Yang.  We met Frida and her family at their rental home by the beach. They have two children, Alma, 5, and Adam, 1 and a half. Both were very friendly and welcomed us. So, we knew right away that they would be fun to work with.

We started the session right away when we got there as we were afraid that the weather might change and start raining again. We know most of the time children do not like to sit still, so we just let them play around with their parents, making jokes and laughing together. I had two photographer assistants with me for this shoot, so we were able to grab a few photos of just the parents alone.

The scenery in Huay Yang was beautiful. Even though it is a small town and about 2 hours south of Hua Hin, many expats and tourists visit the town every year.

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