4 Families in One Photo Session

Shooting 4 families in one photo session may sound to be overwhelmed. Without planning and not being organized it may be so. For this shoot we used 2 photographers. I started off with Christy's family as they were ready. Kenardi, our intern from Indonesia, and a runner up from the Canon Asia TV show "Photo Face off" (season 2) on History Chanel, started off with another family who were also ready for the session.

Working with toddlers and small children is always tricky, you never know if they will corporate with you or not at that moment. You just have to be prepared. Fortunately with all 4 families the children were well behaved and happy to be in front of the camera. Even though there may have been a few times that some of them got moody, you just need to distract them and be silly to make them smile or laugh again.

At the end we got many nice results from the shoot, which all the families were quite happy!

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