Photo Session with Melissa and Family

Every year from November to the end of April, we are busy with many portrait sessions, weddings and events, especially during Christmas and New Years holidays. Knowing so, Melissa booked us ahead of time for her session with her family through our Facebook Page. And since it would be their first time visiting Hua Hin, they asked for recommendation to a nice location by a beach for their photo session. We recommended Sai Noi Beach by the Sanae Beach Club in Khao Tao.

In December, there are usually strong wind and high tides in Hua Hin, but it was extra strong during the time of their stay because of a typhoon that hit the Philippines. We were lucky that the typhoon didn't come through our path.

Hoping that the wind would be less strong, we moved the photo session a day later of the original booking date.

It was a good decision to do so as the sky was much more clear the next day and the wind lost it power a bit. We met up at Sai Noi Beach at 3pm. Melissa introduced us to her husband and her two children, Marcus and Sophie.

After the introduction we walked down to the beach together and started the session near the water. It was Sophie's first time on the beach, so we weren't sure how much she would enjoy being on the sand. We also brought some bubble makers and beach toys for the children to play with, which were also good addition to the photos.

Marcus had lots of fun running around the beach, building sand castle and searching for interesting shapes of seashells with his father. Sophie adjusted well to the sand and she loved the chasing the bubbles. Since the wind was quite strong, the bubbles were flying everywhere, which made some of the photos more interesting. 

Altogether it was a great afternoon family photo session. If you would like to capture your precious family moments, contact us for more information or call +66 (0) 81 763 8096. We are also available for chat on our Facebook Page, WhatsApp and LINE (LineID: phamaistudio).